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…and suddenly silverbox was ten years old.

Ten years ago I sat in a tiny rented space in Lederach, Pa for the first time, hoping that someone would notice andView full post »

Top ten Silverbox posts of 2014

Happy New Year to all that have followed Silverbox this past year and earlier. Here’s a compiled list of our topView full post »

carlos bakery invitations

Guess who got a call to design an invitation and photograph a birthday party at Carlos Bakery? Pretty sweet gig, huh?View full post »

Big news!

Without further ado we are so excited to announce our big news! After almost ten years, Silverbox has gained a newView full post »

a new logo for silverbox

After almost 10 years, Silverbox has modified their logo and brand. Through the years, we found ourselves evolving andView full post »

Identify Yourself

Introducing a logo, fresh off the presses for a lovely new Silverbox client/wedding planner in Miami, Florida. GoView full post »

galen glen

Here’s a logo design and photo session we created for Galen Glen Vineyard and Winery. A little glamorous of aView full post »