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Here’s to celebrating the most beautiful type element on your keyboard. The ampersand. It’s forever bringing everything and everyone together. What’s your favorite & combination? Sincerely, A graphic design & photography studio

Silverbox took a little time out of the studio in no other place but the City of Light. Corinne attended a two-day workshop by the  amazing Sue Bryce, and I ran the Paris Marathon.  Do we have a little spring in our step this week? You better believe it.             […]

Here’s to ten years of celebrating Motherhood. The people we’ve met and stories from these sessions will be some of the best my life will have endured. To the Mother’s that are no longer with us, to the toddlers that are now teenagers, and to our clients that have come to this event every single […]

From our love of design and running came the creation of the Side Porch Collection. How the SidePorch Began My early morning running map has been engraved in my mind for years. One day it stopped me in my tracks and I realized how lucky I am to be able the run with my 5:30 […]

Ten years ago I sat in a tiny rented space in Lederach, Pa for the first time, hoping that someone would notice and trust in my skills. It is with gratitude and delight that we announce a ten year Anniversary for Silverbox today. Life has been a pure adventure. The worthy lessons learned and charming […]