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Silverbox took a little time out of the studio in no other place but the City of Light. Corinne attended a two-day workshop by the  amazing Sue Bryce, and I ran the Paris Marathon.  Do we have a little spring in our step this week? You better believe it.             […]

We are embracing winter and awaiting the perfect snow day to capture some smiling faces in our sleigh. Interested? It’s as simple as this. Send an email to with your name and phone number. We’ll put you on a waiting list and notify you a day or two before that picture-postcard weekend to see […]

Ten years ago I sat in a tiny rented space in Lederach, Pa for the first time, hoping that someone would notice and trust in my skills. It is with gratitude and delight that we announce a ten year Anniversary for Silverbox today. Life has been a pure adventure. The worthy lessons learned and charming […]

Guess who got a call to design an invitation and photograph a birthday party at Carlos Bakery? Pretty sweet gig, huh? Here’s the finished invitation that was sent in this box with a matching label. We’ll be sure to post photos after the big event and hope for no icing on our camera lenses.

Without further ado we are so excited to announce our big news! After almost ten years, Silverbox has gained a new partner, Corinne Hunsicker. Since our first meeting two years ago, she’s been a complete rock star in my book. We’ve worked on projects together, and messed around with the idea of joining forces for […]

After almost 10 years, Silverbox has modified their logo and brand. Through the years, we found ourselves evolving and thought it was time. We have so many new and exciting ventures ahead, and wanted to be dressed for success to embrace the future. Look for our blog, website, and other social media pages to mimic […]

I had a client email this morning with an article that they thought I’d enjoy. That was an understatement. Here it is… The Glue behind the Glitter. Below is my response to the article. Thank you Kelly Corrigan for a beautifully written portrayal of a magazine that should be. Here’s to all the Mom’s that […]

At 26.2 miles of running, knees buckle (without bombs). Bodies collapse (without bombs). Your spirit is challenged to it’s fullest (without a tragedy). There’s absolutely nothing left to give after those miles tread. Cannot even imagine. Feeling hollow. Prayers for Boston.