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movie quote for dad

Here was a custom movie quote (from Miracle) we designed for a dad that has everything! Mom gave us his favorite movie and we took care of the rest. Interested in getting one for your special someone, click here.

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boston marathon

At 26.2 miles of running, knees buckle (without bombs). Bodies collapse (without bombs). Your spirit is challenged to it’s fullest (without a tragedy). There’s absolutely nothing left to give after those miles tread. Cannot even imagine. Feeling hollow. Prayers for Boston.

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today’s to-do list

Today’s to-do list ~ • Newborn photo session • Ice cream shop logo design • Fine Art photo book design for a 100yr old elderly couple deeply in love. Why do I feel like I’m holding the key to life in my hands today? Speaking of the key to life, here are a few samples […]

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i’m possible

  Today begins day one of my 125-day marathon training. It’s a keep-your-cap-down and focus only on the steps right in front of you kind of day. I went out for a run with my daughter yesterday and let myself down, as I couldn’t take more than a five mile run. While she pushed saying […]

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dream of weaving

This image may not look “Silverbox”, but it’s so close to my heart. It was posted on Facebook by my long-distance daughter Emma. I took a look the photo and thought she couldn’t have combined these photos. I looked closer. Hmm. I asked for clarification. It was in fact done by her. You may not […]

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tunes on tuesday

So excited! Heading out this evening to meet Gavin DeGraw. Any Gavin fans out there? Thought I’d design a quick poster to take along to see if he’ll sign it. Not sure of the chances, but we’ll see how it goes. Happy Tuesday!  

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w e l c o m e
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