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Working in NYC today. I can get really used to this. See, if you keep the dream alive enough it’ll take you places you never imagined. I think I like the sounds of “Silverbox North.” Happy Friday everyone!

Just recently, in our 22 years of marriage, my husband and I realized that it was time to stop sharing the same tube of toothpaste. He always complained that I didn’t screw the cap on tight enough. I honestly never liked his choice of toothpaste anyway. Who would of thought getting two tubes would do […]

I was asked this week if there where items in my studio that had special meaning to me. I never really thought about it. It didn’t take long to realize I was surrounded by meaningful pieces. An illustrated desk calendar by my daughter, inspirational books, oil paint and brushes to remind me to find some […]

Here’s to a weekend full of belly laughs. Happy Friday!