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And sometimes, when we’re ever-so-lucky, we’re called on to photograph a four-legged friend. Shout out to sweet Luna. She’d steal your heart if you met her.

Here’s to ten years of celebrating Motherhood. The people we’ve met and stories from these sessions will be some of the best my life will have endured. To the Mother’s that are no longer with us, to the toddlers that are now teenagers, and to our clients that have come to this event every single […]

Oh, did we have fun with this one! A very special Birthday girl came to Silverbox for a fun-filled photo session with friends. What she didn’t know was that she would be greeted by one of her idols, Tori Sterling, of Macup101 to do her make up before the session started. Oh, the surprise was […]

His two older brothers call him Teddy Spaghetti. We thought he should own it…and he did. Photography by Silverbox Creative Studio

We recently had the honor of photographing two brothers that recently graduated from The Hill School in Pottstown, Pa. The settings on the school property seems to pop out of a movie set. The weather was perfect, the boys were as chivalrous as ever, and the rest is history. One album, two signature prints and […]