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Pre-Session Consultation

Your experience starts with a pre-shoot consult. You may come into the studio or we can chat on the phone. This is where the planning begins and where we talk about the details. Do you have an idea, mood, or vision for your shoot? Do you know what you are going to wear? If not, we can make wardrobe suggestions. Your consult is the place where we plan your session and review our product line.

What to Expect at Your Photo Session

Silverbox sessions are created to be an easy and relaxed experience just for you.

All sessions take place either at a place of your choice, or at one of our two studios. By shooting on location, we make the world our backdrop. There are so many options! Your home, a local park, garden, or a place you have in mind. We can recommend several locations and surrounding areas. Our studios have beautiful light and a cozy atmosphere, and is a great alternative if you do not want to be outdoors.

We love what we do – and what we do is all about making you look good and feel good. We’ll go out of our way to make your photo shoot an amazing experience that captures you at your best!

Our Preview and Sales Appointment

We’ll schedule a preview and sales appointment for approximately two weeks after your session.

Please allow about an hour and a half to review and order your pictures. We will start off with a slide show of your top images and then review all your images from the session. Once completed, we will review our products/samples. If you desire, we will design a custom wall concept created specifically for your décor. Please send a snapshot of any walls you would consider hanging your portraits. The best snapshots are straight on with wall measurements.