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celebrating life and love

I created this video for a pocket full of reasons. One being the most obvious...to capture a moment in time and to relive a weekend that will go down as my favorite to date.

I feel the other reasons hold a little more substance in my decision to do so. It's was so important for me to share it with you and serve as inspiration to do it yourself. Really...think about it. We live on this planet for such a short time, so why not live it to it's fullest. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Quite honestly, I had a tinge of feeling a little presumptuous at the start, but now that it's past, I can honestly say, it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. It doesn't have to be in NYC or even in a ball gown. It should reflect you.

I must tell you that Kevin York, our photographer, said I was a difficult subject matter to deal with until I surrendered myself to the camera, as it was quite tricky being on the other side of the lens. It took some doing and a glass of champagne here and there, (I may start serving champagne at the studio on photo session days) but Kevin has such an underlying talent of pulling passion out of people. While I know I'm not a young gal on her wedding day, Kevin made me feel like the most beautiful woman on this planet, and Ted, well, he makes me feel that way every day.

My main reason for preserving this weekend was to have a keepsake for my children and to show them what love looks like after twenty years of marriage. Oh, life and marriage can be oh-so-bumpy at times, but if you buckle up and ride it together, you'll find yourself on this beautiful road with the wind in your hair. My hope is that when Ted and I are long gone, a photo book that was created and filled with so much love, back in 2012, will sit somewhere on a coffee table of one of our grandchildren to remind them how it's never to late to celebrate life and love.

Signed, A gal who completely fell in love with her husband all over again after 20 years of marriage