a new logo for silverbox

After almost 10 years, Silverbox has modified their logo and brand. Through the years, we found ourselves evolving and thought it was time. We have so many new and exciting ventures ahead, and wanted to be dressed for success to embrace the future. Look for our blog, website, and other social media pages to mimic our new look little by little. Below is just an inflection of what's to come. What's with the ampersand? Besides it being a beautiful character, we're going to have some fun with that in months to come! There's a reason for it. I promise. Just hang in there. This is just the beginning of some exciting news.

brandingboardblogVarious inspirational photos from Pinterest.

the glue behind the glitter

I had a client email this morning with an article that they thought I'd enjoy. That was an understatement. Here it is... The Glue behind the Glitter. Below is my response to the article. Thank you Kelly Corrigan for a beautifully written portrayal of a magazine that should be. Here's to all the Mom's that belong on Motherhood Illustrated. Cover~Melissa, Mother of three boys, with her new bundle Teddy, and Owner of Melissa Dew.