We recently had the honor of photographing two brothers that recently graduated from The Hill School in Pottstown, Pa. The settings on the school property seems to pop out of a movie set. The weather was perfect, the boys were as chivalrous as ever, and the rest is history. One album, two signature prints and a video collage later we had keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Here are just a few from one very beautiful day.


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Looking for a new hair salon? If you’re in the Collegeville/Trappe area, you’re in luck! Gretchen Elizabeth Salon has just opened at their new location in Trappe, Pa. Oh, are you in for a special treat! We were too, as we got to design their brand and photograph their new facility. This is one hip establishment! You go Gretchen.  All the best to you and your lovely staff!

Location photography by Corinne. Logo, menu and business card branding by Susan.


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Need another reason to have a party? We hosted our first-ever Mixology Party last night. So…Much…Fun! We made up our own rules, and of course, created our own logo. We had four couples, which seemed to be the perfect amount of people. The party ended with another Mixology night on the calender! Here are printable rules and certificates for Best Overall Experience and Most Innovative Cocktail if you’d like to try it for yourself!


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Without further ado we are so excited to announce our big news!

After almost ten years, Silverbox has gained a new partner, Corinne Hunsicker. Since our first meeting two years ago, she’s been a complete rock star in my book. We’ve worked on projects together, and messed around with the idea of joining forces for quite sometime. There has always been some sort of electricity from day one. Ideas would be sparked, the inspiration would start bubbling, and things would happen. We finally asked each other, what the heck we were waiting for, and after much behind-the-scenes planning, here we are!

Besides a great attitude and big smile, Corinne is one heck of a photographer! She’s our area’s expert at high school senior and fashion photography. She’s all about the lighting, hair and makeup. You should really see the entire process in action. Corinne also brings a wealth of web/html knowledge and one positive and spunky attitude. Now who doesn’t want that around?

What does this mean for our Silverbox clients?
You’ll have everything you’ve had, plus more. We’ll be offering our clients more design and photography versatility with our complementary styles and personalities, including a second studio location near Skippack, Pa. Yes, while Corinne is a photographer, I will continue to be behind the lens to capture those important moments too.

I can’t wait for you to meet her. So, the next time you call the studio, if you hear a new chipper voice on the other end, that’s Corinne. :)


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After almost 10 years, Silverbox has modified their logo and brand. Through the years, we found ourselves evolving and thought it was time. We have so many new and exciting ventures ahead, and wanted to be dressed for success to embrace the future. Look for our blog, website, and other social media pages to mimic our new look little by little. Below is just an inflection of what’s to come. What’s with the ampersand? Besides it being a beautiful character, we’re going to have some fun with that in months to come! There’s a reason for it. I promise. Just hang in there. This is just the beginning of some exciting news.

Various inspirational photos from Pinterest.

  • Terry Lee Cafferty - So excited for you. I’m loving the new look! The ampersand is brilliant. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. mmmmm….the possibilities. ; )

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