If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life

A year ago I was contacted by a client to shoot promotional photos for the opening of a new spin studio in Phoenixville, stRIDE Spin & Fitness. These women were a bundle of joy to work with and we instantly connected, but I had no idea the impact they would have on me.

I was shortly contacted after for an additional shoot for their instructors' headshots for their website. During the shoot, I had never felt a stronger sense of empowerment, support, and love spread through a group of women. This was something I knew I had to learn more about and eventually become apart of. Fitness has never been something I have been very interested in but this sense of community was too impactful not to join the fun. I immediately booked a class for their opening day and immediately after finishing my first class I bought a 10 pack class card to return.

I set a goal to come twice a week and it easily became the highlight of my week. I never felt like I was going to the gym, I felt like I was going somewhere to better myself with people who wanted to see me reach these goals I never knew I had. I had found a new sense of passion through stRIDE.

After building a strong professional connection with stRIDE, my personal connection couldn’t help but grow as well. Silverbox was then contacted to shoot content for their social media, stRIDE Spin and Fitness Studio

I began capturing the moments that made me fall in love with working out and being a part of this amazing group of people. I enter the room and shoot the passion, purpose, and pride that these instructors have towards their clients. I love being able to show the world what an amazing place has grown and developed in Phoenixville.

February rolled around and I completed my first studio challenge, taking 21 classes in 28 days. I never felt like I was working out, I was simply having fun with a community of people who were having just as much fun as me. From then on I was absolutely hooked, changing my goal of coming to the studio twice a week to five times a week (which made it necessary to upgrade to an unlimited membership).

In all aspects of life, if you love what you are doing it will never feel like work. Silverbox Creative Studio has become family to so many businesses and people through our work. Our connection with our clients is what makes us love what we do every single day and what makes each photoshoot seamless and so exciting to be a part of.

Want to join the fun? Contact us at info@silverboxcreative.com or call our studio at 215-256-6191.

Weekend Motivation

Ok, so Corey didn’t show up to be average. He showed up to be awesome!

He was looking for something edgy and raw for his brand, and he brought it! We all left feeling energized and the pictures show it. If you’re in the market for a media manager, motivator or mentor, look no further. Corey delivers. Now go knock the socks off of this weekend!
Photography by Corinne | Direction by Susan

Please help us celebrate Tori and Jess as they celebrate the grand opening of stRIDE Spin and Fitness Studio!

The day of the shoot these two displayed the epitome of girl power and support to their staff of instructors. They personally greeted each instructor as she arrived. I overheard them calming the nerves of a few camera shy girls, as they fixed hair and makeup. As each girl stepped in front of my lens they explained her personality, aura and described how they wanted me to capture them. At one point during the shoot there were ten instructors in the studio. Nobody wanted to leave because the energy was sizzling!

We love a good “go get your dreams story” and we are so happy to support theirs.

We put together a video with some fun time lapse clips of the big photo shoot they had with us. Take two minutes to the end to see the instructor images.