Our Logo Design Process


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The following is a generalized process of how we designing a logo. While we treat every project uniquely, this is a good baseline of one of our projects

Schedule an appointment

1. Call or email the studio to schedule a design consultation. In the meantime we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out, so that we may better serve you when we chat.

Design Consultation

2. We have about 1/2 hour meeting to talk through your thoughts, so that we may get right to the specifics of what it is that you’re looking to do. If you don’t have any ideas, no worries. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll ask you questions until we have a good idea of where we can begin.

Receive a Link

3. In about a week, you’ll receive a link of approximately a dozen different logo variations based on our conversation. Each one numbered for ease of communication purposes. In most cases, these designs will not include color just yet, as we concentrate on the design first. We also believe that creating a logo that could essentially be transferred into one color when needed makes for a very good base for future usage, such as a one-colored t-shirt, etc.

Alterations, plus Color

4. At this point we will have spoken about your thoughts on the initial designs. Possibly combined some elements per your suggestions, and will now incorporate color.

Package File Types

5. Upon the approval of a logo design, we will equip you with the proper files for anything you may need in the future. From vector files for the sign guy to a png for the web work, we have you covered.

Your Design Concierge

6. Most times, our clients that come to us for a logo become part of the Silverbox family. We usually continue our working relationship helping to design their brand. From business cards to postcards, web design to business photography, we can accommodate most of your needs. Consider us your design concierge, and call upon us when needed. Over time, we get the feel for your brand, and can knock out designs whenever needed. Did we mention we can handle printing too?

Your Investment

7. So how much does this cost? Silverbox designs at an hourly rate of $120. While every job is different, we can pack a punch in an hours’ time. We’ve been designing logos for over 30 years and know the drill. While it ranges from client to client, an average rate for a final logo costs around $480-$720. We only charge the time spent.

8. Ready to begin, or have any questions? Call or email us at 215.256.6191 or info@silverboxcreative.com.


Take me out to the Ball Game

This goes down as one of my favorite photo session experiences. It’s not often one can say they get an opportunity to photograph in an empty baseball stadium. Thanks to Lauren and Anthony, we did this! Oh, and can I add the logo that we designed for them was on the big screen. This hit it out of the ballpark! Many thanks for a session I’ll never forget.

the pilates blonde logo and branding

Interested in the chicest place for all things health, wellness and beauty? Yeah, we thought so. Hop on over, sign up, follow, do whatever you have to do to stay in touch with this up and coming rock star.

We had the pleasure of designing the brand and photographing for thepilatesblonde. Oh, and if you love pink with a bit of glam from time to time, then you're really in for a special treat!