Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas Soundtrack Release

There’s something about the Emmet Otter Soundtrack release that opens up memories from the past. Yes, we are that family that has passed down the tradition of watching Emmet Otter every year, but I have a sneaky suspicion there will be something more enchanting about the music when it fills the house.

There’s a crazy bond when you find others that grew up with this 48 minute movie. That unspoken “brotherhood”. Whatever it may be, I’m so thankful to have a bunch of muppets on strings and wires that entwined me in this lifetime. Here’s to Frogtown Hollow. Here’s to two of the nicest folk on the river, here’s to appreciating what you have and taking chances on your dreams, and…Here’s to Pa’s slide.

The gift of a Legacy

Introducing, The Legacy. An exclusive sterling silver jewelry collection designed by Melissa Dew for Silverbox Creative Studio.

Yep, you heard it right! This necklace and bracelet (complete with sterling locket) was produced by some extremely talented creators at Melissa Dew. How lucky are we? We think either would make the perfect gift for Communion or Mother's Day. The jewelry comes complete with the photo or art of your choice.

Need the perfect photo? Oh, you've come to the right place.


custom decal on mirror

Gosh, I wish you could've seen this in person. Such a grand gift from one thoughtful husband. He came in the studio looking for something extra special for his wife for their 10th Wedding Anniversary. We knew we were going to design a lyric from "their" song, but then later decided to get a custom decal made for a mirror versus a print. The 4' x 3' beveled mirror was custom framed and all set to go for one lucky wife! Thank you Drew Holcomb for a lovely song and lyrics. framesmall