hello beautiful!


Oh snap. Is it Monday already? We thought we'd start the week off with some fun. A Selfie Contest!

Need a selfie stick? You’re in luck! Simply head to our contest page on Facebook to post your best individual selfie in the comments section for a chance to win a selfie stick! The one with the most votes (FB Likes) wins. Winner will be announced next Monday, June 15, 2015.

Here are some tips for taking a great selfie. • Pay close attention to your background before photographing. • Know your good side or bad angles. If you cannot find the right pose, just opt for your sweetest smile! • Look for good light. • Be confident. We’re our worst critics. You’re more beautiful than you know. • Hold your phone slightly above your head. • If you wear glasses tilt your head down slightly, it helps minimize the glare. • Please stay out of the bathroom.

…of course, the more creative the better! Lets see those selfies!!! Good luck!