Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas Soundtrack Release

There’s something about the Emmet Otter Soundtrack release that opens up memories from the past. Yes, we are that family that has passed down the tradition of watching Emmet Otter every year, but I have a sneaky suspicion there will be something more enchanting about the music when it fills the house.

There’s a crazy bond when you find others that grew up with this 48 minute movie. That unspoken “brotherhood”. Whatever it may be, I’m so thankful to have a bunch of muppets on strings and wires that entwined me in this lifetime. Here’s to Frogtown Hollow. Here’s to two of the nicest folk on the river, here’s to appreciating what you have and taking chances on your dreams, and…Here’s to Pa’s slide.

This is Us

For better or for worse, from time to time, all of us are connected by certain events that take place. Whether we agree or disagree, we’re sometimes forced under the same roof. Our political state is the perfect example. There are so many different views and opinions, but we’re still one Nation. Whether it’s politics, how we all felt a togetherness on 9/11, or the day after for that matter. Heck, it’s even as big as all of us sharing the same moon and stars. We’re all connected whether we like it or not.

I suppose what I’m getting at is, I don’t remember a recent time in history when a television show brought us all together for the good. When it’s talked about between friends, and even strangers on social media it’s positive. Never negative. We’re rooting for one family, if just for an hour, in agreement. I wonder if NBC realizes how much they're connecting us for the better with one little fictional television show.


With Love

We recently had the nicest guy inquire about a gift for his girlfriend of one year. You can tell that he was completely head over heels for this gal to say the least. He sent his story via an email about their first year together and let it in our hands to create a gift for her. A little bit of highlighting and a little pinch of creativity and it was complete. My favorite part – This art means nothing to anyone else on this planet except the two of them.