fickle pickle parties

Logo design, branding and product photography by Silverbox for the up and coming Fickle Pickle Parties. We're tickled about this new local party business and look forward to so many colorful events in the near future. We couldn't be happier for this company that's filled with so much passion. All the best sweetest Laurie! What is Fickle Pickle?

Fickle Pickle Parties is dedicated to helping you host your child's party with simplicity and charm. Party packages vary by theme, but most include linens, table setting, centerpieces, three games, music and a large prop perfect for a grand entrance and photo ops. Fickle Pickle Parties have an indulgent appearance, but are justifiably priced. They have many themes to choose from and are always looking for reasons to create new ones. They serve boys and girls from ages 3-13.