Whatever you do, go all in and make a splash.

Would you kick off your shoes, lower yourself down over the bridge and sit down in the Perkiomen Creek to get the shot? Sela did! Doesn't the joy and beauty in her face make you happy! We were at several locations along Perkiomen Creek and we also went to her home away from home; the softball field. It was quite a day and an unforgettable photo shoot; it was all because of Sela and her willingness to go for it! Sela will graduate from Perkiomen Valley High School this spring.


We transformed Marissa into our version of Daisy Buchanan

Marissa used her talents as a professional hair and makeup artist to create her 1920's look. Jennie designed and created the entire outfit from gold chair covers & sashes, bits of jewelry, beads and feathers. The concept was to reuse and recycle fabrics and other items to create something new. Together, we transformed Marissa into our version of Daisy Buchanan.  She was a natural in front of the camera and went for it each and every click of the shutter. She's simply beautiful.

Model/Hair & Makeup - Marissa Laurie, Costume Designer & Stylist - Jennie Fear of Willow Bean Studio

Marina's Senior Photo Shoot

As we prepare for the coldest Thanksgiving in a long time here in Southeastern PA; let's go back to one of the most humid days this summer. It was so bad we had to wait for my camera gear to defog before we could start. I don't know how Marina did it but she pushed through to create these beautiful images. I love them all but I'm digging the cymbal image, or maybe the violin. I can't choose. Marina will graduate in the spring from Perkiomen Valley and is heading off to college in the fall.

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas Soundtrack Release

There’s something about the Emmet Otter Soundtrack release that opens up memories from the past. Yes, we are that family that has passed down the tradition of watching Emmet Otter every year, but I have a sneaky suspicion there will be something more enchanting about the music when it fills the house.

There’s a crazy bond when you find others that grew up with this 48 minute movie. That unspoken “brotherhood”. Whatever it may be, I’m so thankful to have a bunch of muppets on strings and wires that entwined me in this lifetime. Here’s to Frogtown Hollow. Here’s to two of the nicest folk on the river, here’s to appreciating what you have and taking chances on your dreams, and…Here’s to Pa’s slide.