Ooh, my new favorite app! If you're a runner and have an iphone, it's a must have. If you're  a runner and don't have an iphone, you need one, and if you have an iphone and aren't a runner, you'll want to run after taking a peek at this. So, so fun! As soon as you hit the start button your run gets sent to Facebook (optional). To my surprise, as I ran my morning run, my playlist was interrupted by a message sent from a friend that commented on my automatic FB runmeter status and was relayed to me through my head phones while running. No kidding! Oh, but there's so much more to this app than just that, so put on those sneakers and take it for a spin. (There's a app for walking too). I did need to go out and purchase the Apple remote ear buds to start and stop the timer with ease.