q & a

We thought we'd answer the top three of our most asked questions about holiday cards and photo sessions. 1. What should we wear to our session?

The only thing we feel strongly about is no prints, large logos, or designs on clothing.  Solids really look best for both black & white or color photos.  Of course, if you have a beautiful dress for your daughter with a holiday plaid pattern, by all means use it! Colors that compliment each other work best for larger families.  It's really all about how you want your photos to look.

Also, if you're wanting a large color print for a room in your house, by all means think about what color your room decor is while deciding on your clothing choice.

2. Can we use our own photos for the holiday cards?

Absolutely! To design with one of your images, we just need the original, high resolution file of the image. You can mail, drop off a CD with images, or email them to orders@silverboxcreative.com. We can also work from non-digital files. Simply provide the photo and we will scan and return the original with the final cards. *Please note: Silverbox will need a copyright release to work with another photographer's image(s).

3. What if it rains?

Did you know that the best photos are taken on cloudy, overcast days? We will have the studio set up for an indoor photo session in the event of a rainy day.  If you have your heart set on outdoor photography, we will make every effort to reschedule your shoot.