this week's best seller

The holiday is in full swing at the studio. Holiday cards are displayed with a faint smell of cinnamon from the pine cones. There's hustle and bustle during the weekends with photo sessions and B2B work from across the good ole USA. New smiling faces and glitter everywhere.

We thought we'd give a little feedback as to what people have been purchasing this year for the holiday season so far. The card above is a top seller this week and can be combined with some bright and cheery photos. The other huge seller which really takes your cards to a different level is the glitter adder. Video collage orders are also huge this week. Look for a sample of this in the near future. It's the perfect gift for someone that has everything. Most people that have purchased a holiday video collage in the past get them every year. All the best to everyone and a huge thank you for your patronage to Silverbox!