so very thankful

I've been a little light on the blog posts the past few days, as Silverbox has never been busier. I can't wait to show you all that we've been working on. We keep the holiday photos and client's card designs under wraps until they're all sent out, but look for some of these really soon! We are thankful for so many new clients and of course, our wonderful tried and true veterans. During this very busy time of year some days can be a bit challenging, but then you get something like the letter below to remind you that it's all worth it. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for each and every kind word.

Susan, Ever since you sent us a link to our photos a month ago, I've been meaning to email you.  You did it again! The photos are absolutely breathtaking - just beautiful!  This is our third year doing holiday photos with you and every year it's the same thing.  The photo session with you is always an absolute joy.  You are professional, yet fun and the hour flies by.  Yet when you leave, I always think the same thing - I don't think we got any good family pictures this year because we were never all smiling, I don't think there are any pictures of Jamie because he never sat still,  it goes on and on.  Then, just a few days later, you send me a link to our photos.  This year it was just like all the other years - I opened the link to a wonderful surprise that somehow, magically, you got many great family photos!  And Jamie, who never sat still or seemed to smile, is in dozens of beautiful pictures, smiling, playing and even sitting still!  Baby Annie, who didn't seem to do anything, but look confused, is in dozens of pictures too, smiling and playing, thinking and giggling.  Somehow you captured it all - you captured our family, just as we are, yet somehow beautiful.  I can't thank you enough!

Your client for life, Lesli