for the love of art

I've been thinking a lot lately about my personal influences that got me where I am today: that made me who I am today. I've made the decision to find time to start oil painting again and breathe in life a little, and take it back to the basics. The love of art and being right-brained, I believe, I was wired with at birth, but the encouragement and education are such important factors to who we are today. It's crucial that children who are interested in the arts have the avenues they need to explore their interest, and the encouragement to grow. Therefore, Silverbox has decided to run a kids-only contest. So sharpen those crayons and colored pencils and look for details really soon!

Below is a college assignment designed by my daughter, via the University of Delaware. I thought it was so worthy of a blog post. Nice work Emma! You continue to amaze me.

Today's post I dedicate to my grandfather that sat with me for hours upon end, drawing, encouraging and just plain sitting still while I took the entire afternoon to draw his portrait. To him, I will forever be grateful.