give them quality ~ free printable

I dedicate today's post to our small business clients that work so diligently at building their businesses. Silverbox has been blessed with a growing family of small business clientele. We've grown in leaps and bounds in this area over the past year and cannot thank you enough for passing on a good word. While we work hard on making sure your brand stands out from the rest, make no mistake about it, the best form of advertising is the quality of your work and/or product. I came across this Milton Hershey quote and of course had to create a design and wrap it around a large Hershey bar. It's now sitting on a silver easel in the studio as a small reminder of what's important.

When looking a little deeper into some additional quotes from Hershey, I found there weren't too many. A previous Hershey employee mentioned, “Milton was not a philosopher, but a doer.” I'm not sure if it's from my upbringing, but those are words I live by. Yes, while we are in the business to make you look good on the outside, rest-assured it's the quality inside that matters even more.

So, here's a little chocolate Valentine treat for all those small businesses giving 110% every day. Go get yourself a large Hershey bar and wrap this printable label around it, so it can be placed where you can see it everyday to remind you where a good business starts.

Thank you once again for all that you are to Silverbox everyday.