finding contentment

Thought I'd share a conversation I had with my husband today. While it started out as somewhat of a basic chat about work, it ended up as one of those moments that I'll remember for some time. At the end of our conversation, Ted said, "I dare you to find contentment in yourself". Hmm, I'm a hard worker and can live up to that challenge...I think. How simple a statement, yet a very difficult summons.

Basically, our conversation was about how I've been caught up in the tangled social media web. I mention this to Ted from time to time. While social media is a wonderful source for inspiration, it can also be draining to creativity. Let's face it, it is impossible for one person to create all the best work that is published by an entire society.  Yet, I sometimes get discouraged that others may have thought of something first, other designs or photos are better than mine, or I'm missing out on certain happenings.  I'm always looking for what's next on the horizon.  While creativity usually abounds, seeing great works by others will occasionally cause a stifle as I unrealistically reset my goals based on others' successes, rather than my own. I am now making a conscious decision to utilize my time online more wisely - not get sucked up in it for hours only to feel worse for wear. I feel I need to stay a bit more grounded, so I'll be turning over a new leaf by limiting my online searching, using more time to look within myself for inspiration.  The key to disentangling my media spiral will be finding a balance between the enjoyment of others' works, staying current, and striving to be a contributor of the arts around us.

Some of you may feel this a bit whether your a small business trying to tread waters with the rest of your online competitors, or even on a personal level with good 'ole Facebook. My goal for you (and me) is to try and find some contentment. Realize that you need to look within yourself. Follow your own path. Just be the best you. Look within yourself for your creativity. It's there. I usually find mine in the shower, for instance.

In closing, as we drove to my eye doctor appointment today for about the 50th time this year, I've realized a few things. I'm so very thankful for my eye sight, as it's been quite a year of eye problems. I will forever be thankful for my vision. Health is truly our greatest possession. Contentment, well, I'll be working on that one, while keeping a level of passion for the business and new designs and products. And finally, confidence. You absolutely need this, so keep your head held high. You are more splendid than you know.