with appreciation

I am a graphic designer and photographer. I am an artist.

I was put on the earth to make it more beautiful. To touch lives through my art. To help people see things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. To create by using people's vision as inspiration.

I'm certain of this.

When I was a little girl I used to sit on the side porch with my grandfather and create images out of little doodles. Did you ever play that game? I'd draw a squiggle on a page and hand it to him and he'd hand me his squiggle in return. We'd spend about ten minutes or so creating something from each others little doodle and then exchange to see each other's masterpiece. This would go on for the entire afternoon. Little did I know I was learning to view life in a different way with each exchange. I remember as clear as day, how he'd look up at me after I handed him my paper. There didn't have to be any words, as his eyes were filled with amazement each and every time. He always said that someday I'd astonish the world with my art. While I realize it's a grandfather's job to make his granddaughter feel like a rock star, he left me with such strength to be passionate in what I do. My grandfather passed away, a month before I officially opened up Silverbox.

It may be forty peeking it's head around the corner, but I have so much left in me to design, it's unimaginable. I thrive on seeing a business do better with help from it's branding. Yes, really. I love to create a design that someone has a vision for, but needs an artist to complete. I love to help pull out people's personalities on paper...and oh do I have so many canvases to oil paint.

I'm not a photographer for photographer's sake. That's not enough for me. It's deeper than that. I want to be there when you see your photos for the first time and present them back to you in such a way that brings tears. I want to design and package these moments up so beautifully together that they'll be your mark left in this world. I want you to understand that through it's design and photography, Silverbox is an Experience.

As my grandfather touched my life, I aspire to touch people's lives as often as I can and long after I'm gone. I'll forever be grateful to my grandfather for all that he's given me. For every client that gives me a white canvas to create on each and every day, I thank you.