What a week. Whew! So much goodness going on here at the studio. I think I may be associated with the kindest clientele on this planet. While these long days test my endurance, getting to do work for good-natured people makes it all worth it. I can write a book on how many kind souls my path has crossed within the past few years. These last months of the year hold very little time for myself, as I'm sure you can relate with your own schedule. A few months back I decided to sign up for a 1/2 marathon, knowing it was right in the middle of my busiest time of year. It essentially forced me to make time for myself. To think, to breathe in the cold fall air, to run in the rain, to feel alive.  It's finally arrived, or maybe...I finally arrived. Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon: Sunday, November 20. 7:00am. Wishing you a wonderful weekend to you and yours. Compliments of Pinterest.