kindly vote for evergreen elementary

Getting a little personal today and thought I'd post some holiday goodness. Out of hundreds of schools, my daughter Maggie's 5th grade Chorus at Evergreen Elementary made it into the final three schools in a Holiday Radio music competition. Today's the day to vote them to #1. The winning school receives $5,000 for their music department along with performing live on stage with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops. And the best yet...their song played on the radio throughout the holidays. What kid wouldn't love driving in the car and having their song come on the radio? Voting is today from 7am-9pm! Please take a minute to vote (or as many times as you'd like :)

Please vote for Evergreen Elementary Blitzen's Boogie anytime between now an 9pm today. Thank you!

We're so excited for these kiddos and the cutest 5th grade chorus teacher you'd ever want to meet!

photo~ compliments of Pinterest