a seventh birthday for Silverbox

Seven years ago today I officially opened the doors to Silverbox.

Roughly, eight years ago I sat in my little office space in our basement with a dream to be able to share my designs with the world. A passion for it so much that it hurt. I had my office space decorated as nicely as possible with dreams that were much bigger than that room could hold. The space was adorned with bookshelves and those little shelf lights perfectly showcasing my favorite projects I was working on. I'd sit there and stare at those shelves in hopes that the rest of the world could see them too. Seriously...I felt this.

Now 2012, in the loveliest studio space, there isn't a day that goes by when I'm driving to Silverbox that I don't feel gratitude for what I have. For every loyal client, every new friend that has been made, every old friend that I have talked countless hours to about my business when I'm sure you couldn't take anymore, for my employees, my mentors, my sister that would bend over backwards during every single event and helped me get my business off the ground, my children for their tried and true patience, and most importantly, my husband for letting me live my dream...I love and thank all of you.

Feather photo, compliments of pinterest.com