$100 gift certificate giveaway

Ah, the ever important question...Shall I purchase a bunch of little photos or one large print? While there are many reasons to go either way, my opinion is that you will always get more joy out of one large wall portrait. Don't get me wrong - smaller prints can be more flexible and located in places that large prints may not fit, but big wall art is appreciated everyday. In most cases, even more than a fine piece of furniture. Here's a quick snapshot from the studio and our new 5- foot canvas that will forever remind me of a wonderful weekend away. Do you have a large (16x20 or above) framed print or collage on your wall that was created by Silverbox? If so, take a snapshot and send it to info@silverboxcreative.com. We'll choose a winner and send them a $100 Silverbox gift certificate. Entries due by Friday, April 6th.

Photo taken by kevinyorkphotography.com