an adventure

Next week I am trading in my computer mouse for a set of paint brushes. They will not be determined by pixel width, but by the amount of mink at the end of a stick. I'm trading in my computer screen for a canvas, and a titanium MacBook Pro for Titanium White paint. Acrobat will be a cartwheel on the beach. An attachment will be hugging my daughters. I'll focus, not only through the lens of my camera, but on the people that are so important to me. I'll run so that I may live harder and breathe deeper. I'll fly my kite and our Nation's flag to enjoy life fuller.

An adventure sets us free and helps us see things a little clearer when we return. I'll be back on the 9th of July with a fresh set of eyes and ideas. Until then, here's hoping you can get out on a little adventure this summer too.