our new home

What a new start to 2013! After eight years, Silverbox is embarking upon a new chapter in life and moving it’s studio next week. Very bittersweet. While we're leaving behind a charming building full of lovely neighbors, along with the best breakfast and lunch you’d ever dreamed of from the Lederach Tea Room, we're packing up and headed to a quaint studio attached to a farmhouse, circa 1860, in Collegeville, Pa. The farmhouse is something my husband and I always envisioned and our dream became a reality two weeks ago. Just so happens there’s the cutest sun room tucked into the side that has Silverbox written all over it. Funny how things happen, huh?  We can't wait to share this new adventure with you.

So what will change you ask? Absolutely nothing. Same good service. Same products with new adventures on the horizon. They'll be beautiful places to photograph, and possibly some design inspiration turning a little old-world. I can't promise anything, but do know an artist is inspired by surroundings. While my grandmother always taught me to dress for success, if you show up and I'm still in my pjs, consider this an early apology.

Wishing you a dreamy day and night in hopes that all of your wishes come true too!