identify yourself ~ the birth of a brand

How can Silverbox help brand your business? It's as simple as this. We get to know you. On the phone, or in person. We want to know what excites you. We want to hear about the favorite room in your house. Heck, we know you have a branding board on Pinterest. The inspiration to create is all around you and we're here to pull it all together. We'll set an inspiration date via a phone chat or in-studio appointment. It's a wonderful opportunity to define yourself.

Below is our representation of Corinne from Corlee Graphics. These photos are a mixture of her inspiration boards on Pinterest and how the birth of her logo and brand came to play. The more we get to know Corinne, the more certain we are that this brand fits her like a glove.

Interesting in claiming your truth? Call the studio at 215.256.6191 to set up your inspiration date.