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Happy Friday folks! We close out Branding week with one of the kindest souls you'd ever meet. Terry Lee Cafferty of Lovesome Images. We've been designing with Lovesome for years, and every meeting, phone or in-person is better than the last. Her photography has such a gentle feeling which reflects her personality. We're honored to design for Terry Lee and look forward to many years to come. Learn more about this awesome gal below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I grew up surrounded by a large family in Connecticut, lived in Los Angeles for 10 years studying and working in photography, and I am now married to my musician, singer & songwriter husband for 25 years & blessed to be the momma of two amazing boys, Shane & Jackson ages 20 & 13.  I am a seeker of truth and whole-hearted living. I enjoy connecting with people and creating connections between like-minded people.  I'm a fine art portrait artist & I have too many "loves" to mention but at the top of the list is God, family & friends, my doggies, laughter, music, dancing, photographing babies & children and, of course, photography itself because it is a way for me to express these loves and allows all of us to return to these moments forever.  Life slips past us in the blink of an eye. I want you to remember how beautiful your life is. How miracles have a magical way of working in your life.

Where is home? South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  My studio is five minutes away in the historic seaside village of Charlestown.

How long have you been a photographer? My experience as a photographer spans over 25 years photographing everything from still life, photojournalism to editorial work and eventually fine art portraiture, including hand-tinted portraits.

How would you describe your style? My style is timeless, intimate and soulful, but also easy & fun with a documentary approach.

How has your new brand changed your business? My new Silverbox identity has absolutely helped me establish myself and my business in today's market.  I am so proud of it!  Susan Sidoriak is amazing and so easy to work with.  She has a very special talent of tuning right into who you are and developing a brand that fits like a glove.  My identity has succeeded in changing my business by positioning my brand's unique signature while showing the true essence of my style of photography, representing me in an authentic, simple classic uncomplicated way.

Can you give me a fun, random bit of trivia about yourself?  When I lived in Los Angeles, I had many different jobs to support myself while I learned the craft photography and one of them was (don't laugh) teaching aerobics.  I landed the job of training an all girl punk rock band in order to get them in physical shape to star in an independent movie called "The Runnin' Kind".    Even better, I had the opportunity to be the "Still Photographer" on the movie set which was a dream come true for me at the time.  Cool beans….  (yes, I took that photo on the front of the video!)

Also, when I lived in Los Angeles, I worked closely with an incredible children's photographer and my mentor, Jana Taylor.   We volunteered our time building her non-profit organization called "The American Child Foundation for the Arts"…every Friday, we taught photography classes to inner-city children on Skid Row and it was honestly one of the most fulfilling and wonderful experiences of my life.,,20119945,00.html

What's in your camera bag?  I use very simple equipment because I am less interested in the latest and the greatest as I am in making my equipment work for me by not having to be too pre-occupied with it.  I  use my equipment  as an extension of myself and my vision.  Once I master my equipment, to me, it is the same as having another arm or hand that just helps me to do what I need to do. I am not one to change it up easily because I don't enjoy the technical learning curve as much as some people who love photography do.  So, although I do get excited to get a new camera body or lens, I need to master it before I feel 100% comfortable photographing with it. My camera bag includes a Canon 5D Mark II body and a Canon 5D body as a back up.  My go to all-time favorite prime lens is the 85mm 1.2 portrait lens and I use the 50mm 1.2 lens for groups and families.  I love, love, love the 100mm 2.8 macro lens for my obsession with flowers, and I also use two zoom lenses:  a 24-70mm 2.8 for tight situations that I need to adjust to quickly and that big daddy of a lens, the 70-200mm 2.8 for all of my kid's sporting events and school activities, etc., but I don't think I have ever used that lens for portrait sessions.  Lastly, of course, I can't forget my light meter which is one of the most important pieces of equipment that I use.  I don't like to depend on camera meters for lighting because they can vary so much.

What is your best business tip for photographers just starting a business? My best business tip for photographers just starting a business is to look within and discover what makes you unique & special.  Specialize in what you LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about.   Avoid trends and stay true to yourself so that your marketing reflects your signature style.  Keep your priorities in place and never forget why you love what you're doing.  Business and dealing with people can be challenging , so you need to stay confident in your vision in order to sell your photography business with integrity and authenticity.

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