you're beautiful.

Oddly enough my busy Christmas Eve schedule has been halted by a need to write an article. I'm sitting here with wet hair right out of the shower in my robe. My Aunt Lynn shared an article today, and I got to thinking about it more in the shower. Take a quick read and then come back. I've always had these feelings when photographing, but never had the right words to portray my thoughts, therefore so thankful for this well-spoken article. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked to take 20 pounds off of them during a photo session, I'd be a millionaire today. Truth is, my camera doesn't capture weight. It only captures emotion. Listen up, no one sees the weight but you. They see love, laughter, joy, sadness, etc.

I've unfortunately had many occasion of photographing people that left this earth unexpected, shortly after after their photos were taken. Old and young. Do those families left behind see weight in those precious images, the grays coming in, the wrinkle in the shirt? I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, it's a Photoshop, touch-up-world. All I'm asking is when Aunt or Uncle so-and-so asks to take your photo this holiday, give them a great big grin (and mean it).

While my hair is drying in horrible fashion, if I enabled one captured moment, one hug or great big smile that otherwise would have gone astray, then I did my job. Life is too darn precious.

Merry Christmas beautiful people!