the image box

Introducing the Image Box, by Silverbox. These boxes are custom-designed for each and every session and house as many as 800 4x6 loose prints. What a fancy way to store your memories! Did you have a past session or sessions that you think my warrant an Image Box? If so, inquire within for your custom keepsake. Oh, how we love these!


20 Years

It seems only fitting to post this letter today that I had tucked away on my Pinterest board. It was a note written by Ronald Regan to his wife on the eve of their 20th wedding anniversary. Today also marks the eve of my 20th anniversary. (Yep, we we're married on Leap Year day.) I'm blog posting from a plane (the joys of technology) heading to California with the love of my life, right by my side. The guy who loves unconditionally, has the patience of a saint, and has made me feel beautiful since the day we were married.  Here's wishing you and yours so much love too!

wedding photography

Silverbox ventured into wedding photography this weekend. A special thanks to my brother in law, John Sidoriak, Jr, for shooting with me throughout the day and a huge thank you to a wonderful mentor, Kevin York, for guiding me throughout the process.

It's been such a special treat to design the invitations, programs, etc and then actually take the photos for the big day. I cannot thank this family enough for their love from beginning to end.